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Managed Services

Let the experts at Doviis, manage and support all aspects of your IT infrastructure. We provide your organization with an all-in-one full-service I.T. department solution if you currently don’t have one. Contact us to help your team with a full suite of I.T. related services so your team can work with peace of mind! No matter your organization’s size, you get your own I.T. helpdesk and support technicians right at your fingertips. No matter your organization’s size, you get your own team of professional & knowledgeable I.T. advisors. We understand investing in I.T. infrastructures can be costly. Consult with us for the best affordable solutions that work to optimize your business. We are cloud experts so contact us today to discuss all of your “cloud” needs.


Cyber security, risks assessment, audits, compliance, legislation, threat hunting, and remediation.
Endpoint Security We work with your organization to limit your risk and protect your organization from all of the latest security threats & vulnerabilities. We will assist your team with the proper training and tools to ensure cyber security & business continuity is as seamless as possible to your team’s working environment. Ensuring your computers & mobile devices are secure is the new normal. Let us show you how we can help.
Cloud Security Being in the cloud should not concern you. We know cloud & cloud security. Let us show you how.


Maximize your network’s performance and enjoy enhanced efficiency and productivity. Get expert network support technicians on your side to maximize your team’s productivity.
Identify ideal network solutions for your business with guidance from dedicated computer network consultants.
Protect your systems from cyber threats with state-of-the-art network security services and solutions.
Get comprehensive network services that can support from 2 to 5,000 users and scale with your growing business.
Leverage advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions to quickly recover your critical business information in the event of a breach.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Secure your most valuable data with our comprehensive backup strategies.
- Real-time backups, completed in seconds, and monitored 24x7x365
- Supports databases and open files
- Backups can be tested without affecting any production systems
- Complete server images can be restored to dissimilar hardware
- Data is encrypted and maintained onsite and offsite for disaster recovery
- Unparalleled features for restoring SQL databases and Exchange email
- Virtualize servers and PCs, onsite or in the CLOUD

Hosted & Cloud Services

Redundant data centres, unlimited Internet bandwidth, and freedom from unexpected outages. When it comes to consulting about cloud I.T. solutions, not all vendors work the same. There are various models, service level agreements, technologies, and limitations to consider. Doviis helps your organization with cost-effective & optimized cloud solutions designed specifically for your needs. Access Anywhere, Anytime Access to your business services, from anywhere, anytime. We can help you achieve it and be able to help your teams work more efficiently. Being able to collaborate with your clients and partners, when you need to, has become today’s new normal. Let us show you how.

Application Development

Whether the job is tweaking an off the shelf product, maintaining a legacy system, or building a new enterprise application, you can count on Tenecom for all your custom application development needs. We are focused on customer service, retention, and delivery the most technically advanced and affordable solutions covering a wide range of services. Tenecom is the ideal partner for any custom application development projects. We provide top custom software development services for any business that needs a digital solution for its daily problems. Our flexible, reliable frameworks for development are customized to the customer’s needs and requirements. From building a brand to automating business with advanced technologies, our industry experts take care of everything.

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